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Brendan was a late starter to the dance world after a successful career of cookery, he decided at twenty one that he wanted to follow a burning passion to become a professional dancer not knowing much of it and where it could take him. As he knew he was that bit older than than most people when they started he felt that he had to go full time in to the training to catch up and learn as much as he can. After he connected

with a contemporary dance teacher he auditioned in the school she was teaching in and he was excepted so within a month of starting dance he had left life as a chef and started his training at the College of Dance Monkstown. It was a challenging time for him as he was back in the learning process again and there was alot of younger people that had more experience than him but he kept working away.

Two years later his hard work paid off as he got excepted into two schools the Laban Centre London and the Fontys Dance Academy in the Netherlands and for him Fontys was the right fit. In this academy, Brendan worked on his technique and found his place in Dance theatre where he learnt about choreography and also he was allowed to express his strong, personal views and ideas through his dance.

After a dance trip to Ghana he found that he had a interest in this raw energy and that he would like to work in this type of environment again so that lend to his connection with India and his on going work in the slums of New Delhi. After graduating, Brendan continued with his own personalised work. Brendan got opportunities to work in some dance companies in The Netherlands and also some of the leading dance companies in Ireland such as Dance Theatre Of Ireland and Modern Irish Dance Theatre.

After a serious injury and the passing away of his father he took time to mentally and physically heal and then he started a new challenge and

moved Melbourne, Australia to start his dance career again. Since Brendan has been here he has connected up with some interesting dance people. He also has been training alot in dance and bikram yoga which he feels gives him a good balance. In his dance training he has been working alot with the Tony Yap Dance company where they are using a dance studio as a laboratory for investigating movement through their own personal experiences and the experiences in the here and now so this is where he is at.

While in Melbourne Brendan now performs and works the Tony Yap Company where they are focussed on looking for the inner soul of of a person through dance. Over the last three years Brendan has performed extensively with them and In their workshops they are pushing the boundaries to find pure and authentic qualities in there movement. With this company Brendan finds that the work connects alot him his beliefs and visions on dance and for the future he wants to go deeper into this direction through his solo work collaboring with certain artists. Also he feels that the trance and shamanism are a will allow him to do that so he will research and experiment inside himself in this area.

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