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Buteyko Instructor

By observing a client’s breathing I assess its efficiency and design the training method in accordance with a client’s predispositions. By guiding a client in conscious awareness of the breath I introduce breathing exercises, which are designed to improve oxygen use in their bodies, open airways, and improve blood circulation in matter of minutes. Buteyko breathing prioretises slowed down breathing through the nose, as well as breath retention techniques. This helps a client to exit fight-or-flight mode, decrease anxiety, distress, improve metabolism, quality of sleep and prolong life.



  • Verbal work

  • Discovering your authenticity

  • Mindful breath work as a vehicle to self knowing

  • Awakening joy

  • Connecting to the body and ground

Duration and cost for one on one session:

Face to face - 1 hour $160

Zoom - 1 hour $120

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