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Dance Movement Therapy

In an open and non-judgmental space, I connect with each client on a very human level to establish trustworthy relationships. In discussion with clients, together we explore how to discover what, which is new to them. In this way, I create frameworks of movement, which can help clients to access their inner world and facilitate change. This is done via certain focuses, imagery, music and touch.


Dance movement therapy can help to unblock the areas of stagnation and trauma by way of movement. It can help with stresses in the body and facilitate embodied state of being.

By way of somatic empathy, I guide a client in finding their flow, and their unique authentic expression beyond form.



  • Verbal work

  • Discovering your authenticity

  • Mindful breath work as a vehicle to self knowing

  • Awakening joy

  • Connecting to the body and ground

Duration and cost for one on one session:

Face to face - 1 hour $160

Zoom - 1 hour $120


  • Liberating yourself through movement

  • Exploring self expression in a fluid way
  • Creating altered states of consciousness through movement 

  • Connecting with your community through dance

Duration and cost for group sessions:

3 hours $260

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