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"Without the audience, there is no performance. In my relationship with the audience, we both are journeying together, allowing

and wanting to go as deep as possible. Such a connection allows

an unknown element to appear as a surprise both to

myself and the audience. I believe that this creates

a space for transformation.

I’m Brendan O'Connor, an Irish born guy from a small Irish village where the

O'Connor originated. The O'Connors, in Irish history, were one of the few clans not to be conquered by the English. It is said they hid in the forests and peat lands.


This sense of being uninhibited in my ancestors feels very much like it was past on through my genes and drew me to an artistic area in life as I believe this freedom is an essential quality for creating art. Following this path I came to a space of allowing the expression of my shadow and light self without constraints of judgment. In fact I would say there is no choice for me but to create art of dance, otherwise life is meaningless.

Dance was something that I never thought I would pursue. It was something I chose after establishing a chef career, having a partner and a house at the age of 21 years old. This was something my parents said would make me happy, but instead, I felt the futility of life. So out of naivety and fear I started to dance four weeks after turning 21.

I auditioned for a dance school in Ireland, where I became more familiar with some of the basic forms of dance such as jazz, ballet and contemporary. After two years of training, I felt like continuing the dance journey.


I auditioned in London and Netherlands, was accepted in both places and chose Netherlands; since I felt that it suited me more. I sold my share of the house and embarked on four more years of dance training.


During these four years of dance training, I performed a lot in the Netherlands and Belgium and also overseas in Africa and India. My overseas performances inspired and influenced me to then move to Melbourne Australia where i continue to live and dance to this day.

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