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Brendan O'connor

Dancer / Performer


Tel: +61420669566


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  • 2009 – 2010 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training (Las Vegas USA)

  • Sept 2002 - July 2006 Bachelor of Arts in Dance Theater Fontys Dansacademie, (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

  • Sept 2000 - Sept 2002 Diploma in Dance College of Dance, (Monkstown, Dublin, Ireland)

  • Sept 1996 - June 1998 Professional Cookery Exam year 1 (Waterford RTC, Ireland) Professional Cookery Exam year 2 (Tallaght RTC, Dublin, Ireland)

  • Sept 1991 - June 1996 1 honour in construction studies 5 complimentary in art, geography, science Irish, English.Graignamanagh Vocational School, (Co Kilkenny, Ireland)


Brendan O’Connor – Dancer/performer

Brendan graduated at the College of Dance, Monks town, and accepted to the Laban Centre London

and the Fontys Dance Academy in the Netherlands. Brendan continued with his own unique work, which linked him to opportunities various dance companies in The Netherlands, as well as some of the leading dance companies in Ireland such as Dance Theatre of Ireland and Modern Irish Dance Theatre. His past works include Exodus, and Grand Junction, Dance Theatre Ireland.  In 2006 he danced in a film for Irish television in apiece called Buail choreographed by John Scott founder of the Modern Irish Dance Theatre.

In 2006 Brendan New Delhi experience began where he taught and also choreographed a piece called Life Is A Dance with the young people of the  Kathputili Colony in shadipur. the following year after been so inspired he  choreographed a second piece for the Kathputli Colony  called 'Life Goes On'. Brendan danced in 'Chain Of Collaboration' for Festival Mundial and performed in Netherlands and the National Theatre of Dance in Ghana, Africa.


Since arriving in Melbourne  Brendan has performed as a soloist and as member of the TYC dance company numerous pieces; In 2009- 2018 at Melaka Arts and Performance (MAP) Festival, Malaysia. and In The Arts Island Festival; At the mining exchange Ballarat in the Eulogy for the living; and Winter Filament, Federation square. Working with Cherl Stock in an international collaboration called Naik Naik in Malaysia. Brendan has per- formed in a series of duets with Tony Yap including 'Metanoia Illuminations', Bendigo; 'Little Con', Dancehouse Melbourne; and 'mascuLINES', Critical Path, Sydney, ‘Stillness’ in New Delhi India. In April 2014 Brendan was in a trio performance called the Butcher Boys with Tony yap and Jessie Lewis at the last ever events in the Patterson building, Melbourne. In September 2015 Brendan just finished and performed a three-stage major creative development, 'Dionysus Molecule' in collaboration with and under the mentorship of Tony Yap, Rob Meldrum, with visual media and sound artist, Khaled Sabsabi and Tim Humphrey. He has worked with musician Ruben Lewis in the federation square project called Amber June 2015. Following the piece "Amber" Tony,Reuben and Brendan have worked continued to collaborate and created more  pieces over  the last years  such as "stillness" "A Gaze" and  now "love Fall".


These  pieces have been performed in both in Austraila and overseas in Europe and in Malyasia at the Malacca arts and performance festival and in New Dehli at Manger arts and performance festival.




  • LoveFall #3  House Body Project (Melbourne)


  • Shadows Light,  Mapping Festival (Melbourne)

  • LoveFall #2   Buffalo Field Festival    (Bangkok Thailand)

  • LoveFall #2 The Passage  Malacca Arts And Performance Festival (Malaysia)

  • Advanced Dance performance workshop (chandigarh india) 

  • Assistant Facilitator National School of Drama  (India)

  • Untitled solo   (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

  • Do You See What I Hear?   (Melbourne Melb Hall)

  • A Gaze #3   The Rainbow Oasis Festival (Victoria)

  • LoveFall #1   Butoh Out Festival (Melbourne)



  • Dying before dying   Malacca Arts And Performance Festival (Malaysia)

  • A Gaze #2  (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

  • A Gaze #2 (Roosendaal Danst Festival)

  • Do You See What I Hear?   (Church of all Nations Melbourne)

  • Fall Of The Light Bearer Butoh Festival (Melbourne)

  • Horizon   Midsumma Festival (Melbourne)



  • Sisyphus Synthesis   Malacca Arts And Performance Festival (Malaysia)

  • A Gaze #1, Withheld   Manger Arts And Performance Festival (India) 

  • Federation Square light in winter (Melbourne)

  • You Are Here Festival  (Canberra)

  • Borderless counterpoise  (Melbourne)  

  • Inflorsense ensemble  (Melbourne)



  • Federation Square Light in winter  (Melbourne)

  • Amber performance   (melbourne)

  • Stillness    Malacca Arts And Performance Festival (Malaysia)

  • Stillness   Manger Arts And Performance Festival (India) 

  • Dreaming of the bones  (Melbourne)

  • Dionysus Molecule performance (Melbourne)

  • Map Festival  (Melbourne)



  • Malacca Arts And Performance Festival (malaysia)

  • Federation Square light in winter (Melbourne)

  • Art Island Festival  (Indonesia)

  • Butcher boys  (Melbourne)

  • Dionysus Molecule creative development 2 (Melbourne)

  • Map Festival  (Melbourne)

  • Sculpture Biennale  (Lorne Victoria)

  • Xplore Festival  (Sydney)   


  • Dionysus Molecule creative development 1 (Melbourne)

  • Malacca Arts And Performance Festival (Malaysia)

  • Federation Square Light in winter (Melbourne)

  • Art Island Festival (Indonesia)



  • Malacca Arts And Performance Festival (Malaysia) 

  • Art Island Festival (Indonesia)

  • Federation Square light in winter (Melbourne)

  • Xplore Festival  (Sydney) 

  • To say hello again performance (Melbourne) 



  • Malacca Arts And Performance Festival (Malaysia)



Brendan O’Connor, Ireland born, received his accreditation as a professional performer in The Netherlands, and has since settled in Melbourne. He graduated in dance at the College of Dance, Monkstown, was accepted to the Laban Centre London and the Fontys Dance Academy in the Netherlands. A trip to Ghana found his interest in strong and psycho-physical direction in his consequent connection for his work in the slums of New Delhi. Brendan works closely with Tony Yap in ongoing laboratory investigating ‘internal’ choreography informed by Asian Trance practices. Together Tony and Brendan have performed extensively since 2013 starting with their first acclaimed piece “Dionysus Molecule” which premiered in Melbourne in August 2015. Following that with a development duet called “stillness” which has now become “ A Gaze” with the addition musician Reuben Lewis. Between 2016 and 2017 this trio have performed “A Gaze Series “ at many Festivals here in Australia and overseas in in Europe, india and malyasia. This piece progressed over the last two years into the "Love Fall series which has also been performed extensively in Austraila and abroad

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