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Finding Your Flow is a facilitated 3-hour class, which combines my twenty years of dance experience in performance, choreography and teaching.

It is an open class for people of all ages and levels of experience from beginners through to established dancers,for anybody who enjoys moving without having to follow exact steps or routines.


During the first 90 mins there will be a frame work created that will allow everyone to move however they feel for a certain time and space encouraging them to find their own unique flow.

At certain moments we will split into smaller groups to gain an experience of moving while being observed. After the exercise each group share their perspectives of doing and non-doing without judgement, which can give new insights into each individuals dance.

The second 90 mins my role becomes more of a DJ allowing the music to be become the conductor of the dance journey with only minimal guidance in the beginning to help everyone sense into their own bodies.The dance experience builds up through the music with different peaks and connections formed with people in the space and from the previous discoveries and connections of the first 90 mins

Towards the end the music is faded out and the time is taken to allow everyone to find stillness. Upon conclusion we come together as a group to have a short debrief or sharing of personal experiences.

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