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Group Classes

We start off with an introduction where everyone says a few words about themselves and their goals for being at the session

Dropping in is a guided attunement of listening, breathing and movement in quietude, where Brendan encourages participants to bring their attention towards somatic phenomena in their bodies, which is followed by a short movement exploration.
Dyad is splitting in pairs/smaller groups where one person is dancing while being watched without judgment. This enables each participant to use power of witnessing and receive honest reflections.
Debrief follows whereby each group shares their perspectives of doing and non-doing, which can give new insights into each participant’s dance.
Improvisation allows everyone to move however they feel for a certain time encouraging them to find their own unique flow. Participants can transition between various focuses, interact with each other and rely on music to inform their movement.
Closing down and somatic check-in together in a circle, expressing gratitude and releasing any material, which the session has brought up


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