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"This is a ritual evocation, a duet between two men: Yap and Brendan O’Connor. If not about their masculinity, it stages a series of relations between men. They are the atoms of this complex molecule, intertwined but also quite different in terms of their embodiment."

- Philipa Rothfield Real Time Arts


This is a new series that Reuben, Brendan and Tony are investigating – an embodiment of stillness and the implications of spontaneous movements in situ. Stillness is a space for the creation of a ‘cultural amino’ (cultivation of the soul) navigating psycho-physical theatre, dance and the trumpet.

In working through the constrains of the external site dimensions in relationship to the physical human constrains we hope to go through a process which touches the states of stillness. We take from Asian philosophical perspectives of stillness and trance kinaesthetic practice to construct a frame to arrive at an aesthetic relationship to space.


"Amber explores our stained state of emergency and a society in a state of Flux."


Through digital, language-based and transitory media, the "Square Of Light" highlighted the collaborative and innovative nature of cultural production and paid homage to the many narratives that tell the story of contemporary Australia.

This performance, by Brendan O'Connor and Tony Yap, is accompanied by musicians, Reuben Lewis and Scott McConnchie, on saxophone and trumpet.

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